10 Best New Party Games

10 Best New Party Games


Good music and good food will only get you so far when everyone you know is stuffed in the same room together. The best new party games can break the ice and keep everyone entertained for a couple hours. For a while now, Cards Against Humanity has ruled the scene, but it’s not the only good party game in 2018. If you and your friends feel like it’s a little played out, you can rest easy knowing that you do have other options.

When making your pick, the first thing you have to do is pinpoint your audience. If you’re going to a backyard barbecue with all of your married friends and their newborns, probably don’t bring a game entitled “These Cards Will Get You Drunk.” If you’re heading to a weekend reunion with your 30 of your closest college friends, on the other hand, go for it.

The next rule of thumb: Choose games that are simple, straightforward, and easy to follow. That way, when players are a bit drunk, coming in and out of the circle, or inviting their grandmas to play, you don’t have to break out a 30-page rulebook every time.

After that, it’s all about preference, Whether you’re looking for board games that are ideal for big groups or grown-up picks that’ll make any game night, these ten new and popular options have you covered.

For The Friend Group That Communicates In Memes

If your main group chat is basically just one meme after another, this one’s for you. What Do You Meme was launched on Kickstarter just two years ago, and it’s quickly become one of the most popular party games sold on Amazon. It’s a lot like Cards Against Humanity in that winners are chosen based on the judge’s preference, but you’re pairing words or phrases with popular internet memes in order to essentially create your own image macro. People are obsessed, saying things like, “I laughed so hard playing this game that I had a full six pack of abs by the time I woke up the next day.” Impressive.


How To Play: Each person gets seven caption cards. Players go around in a circle taking turns being the judge. The judge picks a photo card and flips it over. Other players choose their funniest or most accurate caption card to suit the photo and toss it in the middle. The judge reads them all aloud and chooses their favorite; whoever played that caption gets to keep the photo card, and the person with the most photo cards by the end of the game wins.

Intended Audience: This one is definitely for adults. Pretty much every card is R-rated.

This NSFW-Version Of A Classic Favorite

USAopoly Telestrations After Dark



It’s basically telephone, but it goes from a phrase to a drawing and then back again — and this one’s definitely NSFW.

The original Telestrations has nearly 2,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, but this new NSFW-version is definitely for adults only. It’s pretty much a game of telephone if phrases were drawn and then interpreted instead of repeated, and you can expect all of them to get hilariously misconstrued by the end of it. It can accommodate four to eight players, and one round takes only 15 minutes.


How To Play: Each player takes a sketchbook, a marker, and a card. They write their name on the sketchbook, choose a secret word from the card, and write that down in the “secret word” bubble. All the books rotate to one direction, and it’s that next person’s job to draw the secret word on the next page. When it rotates again, thenext player has to turn the drawing back into a word. It continues back and forth from phrase to drawing until the book reaches its original owner. There’s no real winner, but it’s hilarious to go back through the books and see how quickly things got out of hand.

Intended Audience: Some reviewers say it’s “not as dirty/adult as [they] expected,” but all can agree that it does include “vulgar and suggestive words.” If you’re looking to play with conservative family members or kids, try the original version.

If Traditional Pong Is Your Go-To, But It Could Use An Upgrade

Giant Yard Pong



This simple yet brilliant idea combines beer pong with cornhole for a massively-fun outdoor game that’ll make you the hero of any barbecue or beach picnic.

So simple, yet so genius. Giant Yard Pong is exactly what it sounds like — the “solo cups” are the size of buckets and the ping pong balls are more like softballs. Everything’s made from durable, washable plastic, so you can take this set to picnics, barbecues, and the beach. Some people even put glow sticks in them and play in the dark.


How To Play: Fill the buckets with sand, water, or anything else that’ll weigh them down. Then play giant beer pong: get a teammate, try to throw the balls into the opposing team’s cups, and drink if someone gets a ball in yours. Since it’s your set, you choose the house rules.

Intended Audience: Theoretically, you could play this with people of any age (so long as beer isn’t the only beverage option).

For The Friend Group That Roasts Each Other Constantly

The Voting Game



Imagine if high school superlatives were borderline offensive, and when a friend found out you voted for them, you had no choice but to fess up.

According to reviewers, this one “uncovers the hilarious truth behind your friendships,” and it’s best played with a group of people you know really well, and you don’t mind offending. The Voting Game has you vote anonymously for the person who most fits the description (almost like superlatives), but the categories aren’t always flattering. You can play with up to 10 people at once, and a full game takes about an hour and a half.


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