H2G Scalp Expert / exfoliating treatment

H2G Scalp Expert / exfoliating treatment

I went to H2G scalp expert uptown Damansara a week ago after I claimed to win free apple stem treatment & free kit form line.
They were keep calling me few time reminding me about my appointment. At first, I think they just want to finish off their business with customers earlier so they don’t hutang to any customer Dah.. ( see how bersangka baik I am) but I should already detect by this time this is not good.. Knp nk baik sgt dgn customers yg dtg free maa… Kan Kan??
I do have problem with dandruff and hair fall that’s why I’m excited to have a look and try.
Honestly I really looking forward for the consultation time.
During the consultation, they keep asking me if I’m really a full time student. And when I say yes they change the consultant and instead call the manager to assist me.
The manager is bit rude and using some words that hurt my feeling.
Telling me my scalp is so bad lah, igt Ada kutu lah, I pun takut Tgk your hair.. Which I think she should not say that to me. Very badass attitude.
She ask me to change from the apple stem treatment to exfoliating treatment which cost for about rm498 and since the apple stem cell tereatment is only about rm298 so I just need to top up another rm200.
She really force me to go for the treatment with all those hurts words that makes me finally and stupidly say yes for that.
During the treatment we chit chat a bit so I know she was working with miracle hair expert before.
Earlier after I was force to pay the treatment and hearing her bad words I Dah already feel bad and Tak sedap hati.
Then while waiting for my hair to be perm I check back my phone and find out the treatment price is actually rm 325.
This is not good. Baru terfikir why on earth I don’t ask to see the price list and the treatment menu.
So i then start googling and find out about miracle hair expert review which is most of them is actually scammers.. Google about h2g but not so much review about them, but since I don’t even see anything talking about exfoliating treatment I already lose my faith.
After the treatment end and just like already expected, she convince me to sign up session with them with so incredibly expensive price despite knowing my situation as full time student.
I reject all the plan and just went back with empty end.
The free kit??
They told me that I hv to come next time to take that kit because it not arrive yet.
After hearing that I wonder why they bother call the coustomer to come if the know they don’t have the kit. Bukan semua senang nk dtg. So I just at the end sign up agreement to just not taking the kit. Tak payah lah. I know coming for the next time only cause me to hear another paksaan to sign up the package which I won’t..

It already past few days Tapi because I am so angry with them and I don’t want anyone else feel what I feel so I just search for the place to share my own experience.
Google and find out they currently have promotion at grupon, try to find the way to tell the other buyers not to be tertipu just like me but unfortunately can’t find the way to write review there.. Hopefully someone do Google and find my entry before they even buy the voucher..


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